[DUG] Delphi XE Prism, Intraweb, etc.

Stefan Mueller muellers at orcl-toolbox.com
Sat Dec 10 17:21:17 NZDT 2011

Stay away from things like Delphi Intraweb (..and any other exotic
development languages). Might be a tiny bit easier for you to learn and get
into as a Delphi developer, but maintenance, support and compatibility (with
hosting environments) of the site will be a permanent nightmare for the

Go for something that is well supported, something that you can google for
codesnippets/solutions ... something with help-forums. 

I still don't like PHP (like I said before, it's a bit of a
"hacker/hobbyist/tinker" kind of development environment - I prefer
C#/ASP.Net MVC) ... but if all you do is some small website then go for it,
doesn't hurt to get to know PHP a bit!

Also keep in mind that webdevelopment consists of many techniques, such as
tion-architecture/etc. - There is already quite a bit of learning involved
to wrap your head around all those things. Delphi Intraweb will not help you
with any of those issues. So either way, you got to learn! .. might as well
add a new programming language to the list that is a bit more suited for web

Kind Regards,
Stefan Mueller 


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Hi everyone,

I have been a Delphi fan for many years but wondering if someone has had any
experience in Web building.

I asked a couple of months ago and the general consensus was to move to PHP.
I do note however that this is the last few weeks I can get Delphi XE
Professional at the reduced price.

I can't find anything on Intraweb newer than about 10 years old so not sure
if that is a viable option. I have also heard very little about Prism so
wondered if that too is a viable option.

Any comments?

Steve Peacocke
0220 612-611

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