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Paul A. Norman delphi at paulanorman.info
Tue Dec 8 10:22:40 NZDT 2020

We're also looking around at the moment ...

Gaming machines yes, gone that way before and never played a game on it (!) — for something really robust (advanced video editing etc as well) have a look at at the:

ASUS ROG Strix SCAR GL532 15.6" Full-HD IPS 240Hz 3ms 8xCorei7-10875H 64GB 1T/NVMe RTX2070/8G MetalTop TypeC PreKeyRGB WIFI6 Keystone 2YrWrty

Within NZ, so far JustLaptios are looking well positioned, sucessfully had stuff from them in the past, had unpleasant support issues at another large computer retailer here in Auckland (- any one with other information please?).


The RTX 2070 has a good crop of cuda-cores for graphics/video rendering.

You'd probably want to upgrade the Windows 10 Home 64-bit to Professional.

Yes as you say "gaming machines" are extendable – "you can add either 1/2TB PCIE NVME SSD to the slot 2 and 3 at a cost of:
$215 for 1TB
$435 for 2TB"

If you can put up with a non sRGB primary laptop screen (only 66% of the gamut) for non-graphics work only, the advanced Ryzen in various releases (series 5 and up) is available here in NZ as well, in often quite robustly speced and rugged gaming machines, often at a more reasonible cost.

On December 8, 2020 9:26:04 AM GMT+13:00, Alister Christie <alister at salespartner.co.nz> wrote:
>If you are wanting something with lots of grunt then AMD is currently
>- Ryzen 7 4800H (or HS) for the highest performance or 4800u for
>I've been looking for something with a 4800U with 16GB Ram for a while,
>with no luck.
>I've been thinking about a Zenbook 14, but they only seem to be
>with 4700u CPUs (no hyperthreading, although still 8 cores).  Some of
>10th/11th "U" Gen i7's have better single-core performance than the
>If you are after a beast then a gaming laptop with an R9 4900H might be
>your best bet.  Gaming laptops are often quite upgradable in terms of
>memory and SSD/NVMe, but usually are quite heavy, with big power
>Something that charges over USB would also be nice, so you can use one
>the new tiny GaN chargers.
>Sorry for the late reply.
>Alister Christie
>Computers for People
>Ph: 04 471 1849www.salespartner.co.nz
>PO Box 13085
>On Sat, Nov 21, 2020 at 1:38 PM John Bird <johnkbird at xtra.co.nz> wrote:
>> Another topic I would love feedback on – I have had sterling service
>> my reliable HP Envy laptop – it is still power specs even today  (I7
>> 16GB RAM, originally 2TB HDD – now SSD, 17” 1920x1080)
>> but it is 7 years old and no more RAM upgrade possible (only DDR3) ,
>> looking around for a replacement.
>> So far best candidates I have seen are
>> HP ZBook 17 G6 or G7   (4 DDR4 slots up to 128GB and up to 2 M2 SSDs
>> 2 Sata SSDs)
>> Lenovo Thinkpad P53
>> Dell 7530 or 7730
>> I would like your opinions of favourite power laptop and what you
>> particularly love about it.
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