[DUG] Christchurch Members

David Moorhouse (DUG) delphi at moorhouse.net.nz
Fri Feb 25 22:12:30 NZDT 2011

Actually, Jeremy was bunking off work for a week and has invented this 
great big story about being in hospital :)   ...


... Really glad to hear you're OK buddy.  We've been told Tuesday is the 
earliest we can expect to be back at work.  In the interim there's  
heaps of cleanup work in this neighbourhood.  Tomorrow I'm helping a 
working bee shovel 30cm of silt off mum and dad's place in Dallington :(

Take  care


On 25/02/11 20:06, Jeremy Coulter wrote:
> We are all fine here. I was in hospital after surgery, 3 floors up un 
> a modern building designed to move in a earth quake.....I seriously 
> don't recommend that to ANYONE! I had a back op. And was stuck in my 
> bed whilst it bounced of the front and back walls of my room! 
> Fortunately the TV which I thought was about to land on my legs, got 
> caught by its cables and missed my bed (and my legs) !
> But I have to say, as soon as I heard and then saw the cracking in the 
> corner of my room, any pain I had was gone and I was outta there 
> !...then my back hurt again L  We eventually got evacuated to the 
> newest building the hospital had but that was not so reassuring as the 
> floor in the main part of the building had slumped down on and angle 
> !! The rest of the building was ok. But man, I wasn't sacred in the 
> 7.1, But I was f-ing scared this time ! I was surprised when I got 
> home which is about 5 mins up the road, to find no new damage to our 
> house ! It was a mess with stuff everywhere, but its quite surreal 
> looking at TV (as we have power now) and seeing all the destruction 
> and going out our front gate to see it the same as it was last 
> week....very weird.
> Jeremy
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> HI all,
> It is with great concern that we wait to hear of the wellbeing of our 
> friends and colleagues in Christchurch.
> I know that John Bird and family are OK, albeit sleeping in the car 
> and on friends couches.
> When convenient any news would be welcomed.
> And of course our love and concern is there for you all.
> kind regards
> Gary
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