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Richard Vowles richard at developers-inc.co.nz
Fri Feb 25 21:01:29 NZDT 2011


On 25 February 2011 20:06, Jeremy Coulter <jscoulter at gmail.com> wrote:
> We are all fine here. I was in hospital after surgery, 3 floors up un a
> modern building designed to move in a earth quake.....I seriously don’t
> recommend that to ANYONE! I had a back op. And was stuck in my bed whilst it
> bounced of the front and back walls of my room! Fortunately the TV which I
> thought was about to land on my legs, got caught by its cables and missed my
> bed (and my legs) !

My sister is down there now - she is chief of staff for the national
director of civil defence (at the moment), and she is very hard to get
a hold of. So our family are hoping there won't be any major


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