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Jolyon Smith jsmith at deltics.co.nz
Tue Feb 1 16:26:41 NZDT 2011

Ø  I thought Standard was mostly equivalent to the Pro version in terms of
functionality? Or is it crippled in some fashion?


Assuming you meant the new “Starter Edition” (since there hasn’t been a
“Standard” edition for as long as I can remember... J ), here’s a link to
the complete feature matrix, updated with the Starter XE differences:





I wouldn’t call it “crippled”, but it is deliberately limited in comparison
to Professional/Enterprise/Architect.  I suppose you might call it crippled
in the same way that you might call a 1.8 Mondeo “crippled” in comparison to
a 2.5V6 model.  Or you might just call it “suited to a different
purpose/market”. J

Here’s a quick summary of what’s missing (according to the feature matrix),
categorised according to my own personal perspective/opinion:


Good Exclusions:


-          DBExpress

-          Data Snap

-          UML Modelling

-          Code Formatting

-          Code Templates

-          Code Completion for HTML

-          Source Control (SVN) Integration

-          i18n/L10N tools

-          DUnit Integration

-          AQ Time / FinalBuilder /CodeSite trialware integrations

-          Azure/EC2 integrations

-          RAVE Reports

-          SOAP  / BizSnap

-          IntraWeb

-          WebSnap

-          ER/Studio


Odd choices:


-          AutoUpdating IDE (does this mean Starter Edition is not intended
to be updated?)

-          Command line tools (TDump, resource compiler etc)

-          Class Explorer (!?!)

-          Resource Manager (not ever knowingly used it myself tho, so this
may be a good choice)

-          Symbol Insight (!?!)

-          Code Folding (!?!)

-          TODO lists (!!?!)


Really, really BAD choices:


-          Numerous debugger limitations, including:

o   reduced multi-thread tools, no freeze/thaw thread for example

o   reduced breakpoint controls (no data aware triggers)

o   No Evaluator (!!?! I really REALLY hope this doesn’t mean the Ctrl-F7
evaluator – that would be DUMB DUMB DUMB)

o   No expandable local variables (but you DO get expandable watches – go


-          COM limitations, including such mind bending exclusions as :

o   No Type Library Editor

o   No COM Object Wizard

o   No support for automation object event handling

o   No ability to generate component wrappers for imported COM servers


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