[DUG] DUG] XE2 upgrade

John Bird johnkbird at paradise.net.nz
Wed Dec 28 04:56:27 NZDT 2011

Hi I am about to order the XE2 upgrade, currently on D2007 but have owned RAD studio 2006 in the past.   Anyone with opinions on the following please post your opinions!

1 -  I am mulling whether to get just Delphi XE2 professional upgrade or RAD Studio XE2 upgrade....interested in playing/experimenting with RADPHP – eg a simple version of one of my apps rewritten as a web app could be cool and useful...  but its only a wish idea and might never get to it!   Anyone think its worth the $300 extra for RAD Studio XE2 upgrade if I am pretty much a pure Delphi guy?

2 – If I get Delphi XE2 now and add the RadPHP later how much would that cost – and is that a practical way to do it if I get it only when I need it...(ie does it install into the same IDE or is it then a totally separate product)

3 – I understand that Rave Reports in D2007 is no longer in XE2 – is this correct?   I use the code based reports and a generic printing unit (load data on a form and use a generic function to turn the display into a report – labels memos grids and all) – I presume what is XE2 has some equivalent way of code based reports?.     Can it output PDF as well?  (Rave can)

John Bird
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