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Tech Benner tech at benner.nz
Thu Feb 24 21:42:37 NZDT 2022

Hi All,

This came in to my Delphi admin address, and may be of interest so some 
of you.



PS: Reading this this took me back a few years, actually decades now.


My company makes a few Delphi add-on component packages. We are in the 
wobbly stages of relaunching *Rubicon <https://www.href.com/rubicon> 
Full Text Search for Delphi* and looking for a few brave, communicative 
people who would be willing to trade a $150 USD discount on a Pro 
license for their detailed feedback about the new-user experience. It's 
probably not as bad as I making it sound! Rubicon was perfect for Delphi 
2.0 around 1997 and we have been maintaining it. We have new samples for 
FireDAC with Delphi 11.

Ideally we want to find someone(s) who would benefit from adding 
sophisticated full-text search to their win32/win64 vcl desktop app, 
uses Delphi 11 and FireDAC, *and* whose text-to-index does not change 
too much. To participate, one needs to visit 
https://www.href.com/rubicon and fill in the short "survey." That will 
lead to receiving information about getting the discount, or possibly 
advice to check back after a few more months of development.

And/or email to marcomm at href.com will also start the process.

I'm wondering whether you can post this, or tell me a better to reach 
your audience.

I make this offer in December on Delphi Praxis 
and one of those developers has now successfully gone through the whole 
install & learn & integrate Rubicon process. ( Others wanted the 
discount but were not ready to start coding. )

Thank you for your consideration.

*Ann Lynnworth*
HREF Tools Corp.
https://www.href.com/aml <https://www.href.com/am>
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