[DUG] Screen Resolution and WIndows 10 settings and Delphi

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Hi John


I no longer have Delphi installed, but I occasionally have to use other older software.  


Under older versions of Windows I had the same issues with scaling that you describe like text not fitting inside the (fixed size) control, and sometimes that made that particular software difficult if not impossible to use.  Under Windows 10 the scaling looks just like somebody zoomed the display in.  Modern software looks fine, but with the older software the GUI is fuzzy like you are using the wrong monitor resolution, but as everything is uniformly larger the text still fits the control.  Now useable but not pretty.


For me monitor choice depends a lot on what I’m doing.  I find that developing software in an IDE can work well with multiple monitors as most IDEs have many smaller windows that can be moved to a secondary monitor. I do quite a lot of graphics work where a single large monitor is vastly superior to a collection of smaller monitors.  


I purchased a large monitor before I got Windows 10.  Due to the issues with older software I wanted to stay at 100% scaling.  Due to my eyes getting older and using the monitor all day every day I wanted each pixel to be a reasonable size so text was still large enough at 100%, so the pixel density (pixels per inch) was important to me.  I also wanted lots of screen real estate, 4K resolution or better.  I looked for quite a while before a suitable monitor came onto the market, but now there are quite a few options.  A “4K” resolution at close to my desired 109 pixels per inch (diagonal) gave me a 38” 3840 x 1600  wide screen monitor.  I’d definitely buy it again, but I wouldn’t want a monitor that had less vertical resolution.  A 3840 x 2160 monitor would be great, but for me I’d want that to be in something like a 40” diagonal body to keep the text readable at 100%.



Wes Edwards

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Looking at high resolution screens – external monitor and replacing laptop i.e. going to 3840x2160   instead of 1920x1080


I have seen one and its nice, under display settings in Windows 10 it had “Change the size of text, apps and other items” set to 300%



1.	What is this setting doing?  

2.	Is it different from Windows 8 which had a scaling factor (eg 125 DPI) which could be set and would create issues with many programs such as Delphi 2007  IDE   (e.g. some dialogs could not fit their items within the borders )

3.	How well do older Delphi (e.g. D2007) programs and IDE play in such a high setting (300%)

4.	How well do latest Delphi (e.g. 10.4) programs and IDE play in such a high setting (300%)   - as I have both versions of Delphi active


Any comments from those working with such great big screens please on tips and pitfalls





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