[DUG] Bluetooth LE connection Problems

David O'Brien Dave at iccs.co.nz
Thu Jul 2 19:55:19 NZST 2020

Sorry, Don't know anything about the equipment, sounds like you are receiving data, perhaps you need to ping it occasionally to keep the connection alive? My Boom 3 disconnects if it gets nothing incoming for a while...

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Subject: [DUG] Bluetooth LE connection Problems

using Delphi 10.4 have a BLE Connection on Android tablet to Gatt server on Industrial device

have two characteristics to subscribe to this works fine

but about every minute it disconnects at which point I Must reconnect

and resubscribe to the characteristics taking about 15 or so seconds

as my incoming data is every second this is quite unsatisfactory

Any Ideas on what I have done wrong or need to do to improve the situation greatly appreciated

the issue appears to be in the Delphi App as nRF Connect does not demonstrate this problem

any Ideas Help Greatly Appreciated

Ian Fear

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