[DUG] Server 2019

John Bird johnkbird at xtra.co.nz
Fri Dec 18 10:42:10 NZDT 2020

Anyone had issues with Delphi software on server 2019?
I have some software that is having issues on a server:
  a.. Delphi 2007 calling win32 standard call  CopyFile(Pchar(sourcefile), PChar(Destfilename), False)   is failing on some larger files with file not found – it does not copy the file
  b.. standard TFilestream code such as below is running extremely slowly
    a.. byteoffset := (recnum - 1) * lreclen2; 
    b.. fs.seek(byteoffset, soFromBeginning); 
    c.. sizeread := fs.read(chbuff, lreclen2);
  c.. Server is using SMB2 not SMB1 which introduces apparently a whole lot of read-ahead behaviour 

Anyone know anything of such issues?

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