[DUG] Oh oh - Delphi is apparently not good for your CV

Jan Bakuwel jan.bakuwel at omiha.com
Mon Aug 10 14:57:56 NZST 2020

Hi Jeremy,

On 9/08/20 11:38 am, Jeremy Coulter wrote:
> The company I work for has been a Delphi client for many years with a
> number of licences. Its getting harder and harder to justify the cost
> of the licence renewals. This year we have asked Embarcadero to
> sharpen their pencil! We are a charity and make no profit so we are
> not writing apps for commercial gain etc etc. We are awaiting their
> reply.....

I'd be very happy to pay a price that represents the value I'm getting
out of the use of a product (Delphi) in this case and if that value
increases also fairly share that increased value with the folks making a
great product that allows me to create that value. Less features in a
product works counter productive for me: it means I'll have to do more
work myself and that reduces that value. I guess the trouble arises from
determining what "represents", "value" and "fair" means in concrete
terms. By all means if the methods of equity firms (that I generally
think don't contribute positively to society but that's a matter for
another day) work for them then that's their prerogative. I wouldn't be
surprised though if that would drive many small developers away. Can't
be good in the long run one would think but then equity firms don't have
a reputation for being in anything for the long run. Nuf said.

Good luck with the negotiations :-)


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