[DUG] Reinstalling DBD32 or equivalent

David O'Brien Dave at iccs.co.nz
Tue Oct 1 17:49:08 NZDT 2019

This is after the Windows 10 Creators update. Shouldn't really still be using the BDE...

If you have to use this program, roll back to 1607 version or create a 1607 or earlier version system's virtual machine, then run dbd32.exe in VM.

https://sourceforge.net/projects/xdbd/ for a replacement.

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Hi all

My DBD32 got "stressed" and doesn't seem to start anymore. Any idea where can I download the correct version from?

Or can I run the install Delphi 7 again and select ONLY installing DBD32 and not Delphi?

Thanks for your help.
John C

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