[DUG] Error loading form

Errol Anderson errol.anderson at gsds.co.nz
Wed Jan 24 14:09:51 NZDT 2018

Hi Karl


Thanks for the conversion code – however, my dfm is text, sorry I did not confirm this earlier.  I have reviewed the dfm – all 12,000+ lines but nothing obvious.  I believe the cause of the form-loading error is more subtle than a detectable error in the dfm text, as the program compiles and displays the form.  What puzzles me is that I have reverted to versions from the _history folder which were previously working correctly, and still get the error. 








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If your form is a binary form (as David said, text is recommended because of situations like this), you can convert it to text by creating a new form with a button that uses ObjectBinaryToText.


LMemoryStream := nil;

LFileStream := nil;

LMyForm := TMyForm.Create; // TMyForm is the form you want a text version of


  LMemoryStream := TMemoryStream.Create;


  LMemoryStream.Position := 0;

  LFileStream := TFileStream.Create('c:\yourformname.dfm'); // or wherever you want to put it and whatever you want to call it

  ObjectBinaryToText(LMemoryStream, LFileStream);










On Tue, Jan 23, 2018 at 2:31 PM, Errol Anderson <errol.anderson at gsds.co.nz <mailto:errol.anderson at gsds.co.nz> > wrote:

After a (worrying) computer crash, it appeared that my main form, main.pas, was corrupted.  So I reverted to main.pas and main.dfm which I had committed to the git server last night.


Now when I open the project or the main form using Delphi XE10.1, I get the following error, and I cannot display the form on  pressing F12.



However, the program compiles and displays the form when I run it, so it looks like main,dfm is substantially OK.  


Any ideas how I can retrieve the form would be most welcome.


Thanks and regards




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