[DUG] How to find parameters of an Action Menu created at runtime

Errol Anderson errol.anderson at gsds.co.nz
Thu Dec 21 14:01:05 NZDT 2017

Hi David


Thanks for your suggestion.  Unfortunately it raises the following error:


Because there may be multiple items with the same action but different
captions, I figured I had to pick the item caption, not the action caption.


I have tried creating one or multiple items at designtime as a test, but I
get the same results every time - namely TActionClientItem(Sender).Caption
returns a null string, and TAction(TActionClientItem(Sender).Action).Caption
fails.  It appears that TActionClientItem does not act like TMenuItem which
is very disappointing.


Best regards




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The Sender will be the menu item. Try   TAction(TActionClientItem


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Subject: [DUG] How to find parameters of an Action Menu created at runtime


My program creates Action Menu items at runtime, with the caption of each
item set to a value returned by a database query. The OnExecute procedure is
the same for all items. 

When I click on an item, I need to obtain the item caption for the OnExecute
procedure, to use in another query. I have tried the following (analogous to
TMenuItem for a popup menu):

sCaption := TActionClientItem(Sender).Caption;

However, this always returns an empty string. I have searched the web and
the Delphi Help to no avail. I am aware that Caption is a published
property, but the public property Index also fails.

I presume I am doing something wrong here, but cannot figure out what. Any
help appreciated. 



Errol Anderson 

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