[DUG] Best Hosting company

Bevan Edwards bevan at achieve-software.com
Mon Mar 14 08:36:31 NZDT 2016

Hi all,

I have been using Web Drive for many years (as a reseller) and have been 
reasonably happy with their services.
I will leave you to check their web site for details about the current 



On 14/03/2016 1:36 a.m., John Bird wrote:
> I am also considering moving – about 7 years ago was put on to Hosting 
> Direct, which offered one domain hosting, one email address (full SMTP 
> email) and website free, 50MB disk space.  And best of all it was rock 
> solid reliable for years, their business model was to get people to 
> move to paid accounts if they needed more than that.
> They sold the operation to Internet Services Group for which the 
> cheapest option is now about what you pay, and while it offers more 
> than I had is at times unreliable and everytime I find something not 
> working it can take days to sort and I often end up with new 
> configuration information. Feels like they are just not fluent at 
> setting up and communicating configurations.
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