[DUG] Multi client website

John C jc at sunshinesoftware.co.nz
Sun Jul 31 13:42:14 NZST 2016

Hi all


I have a website what will be available to the public but specific for more
than one clients. The frame work of the website will be the same for each
client but their images and CSS file will be different (making it look

The plan is to have a sub-domain for each client from where it will jump to
the "common" pages on the main domain. The index file on each sub.domain
identifies the client and therefore define the directory path to use for the
images and the CSS file.

I was thinking of doing this with cookies for the paths to be used in the
main program, but I'm not sure it would be a good plan and if that will work
properly (setting a cookie from within a sub.domain to be used in the main


Any ideas or suggestions of how to do this?


Thanks a lot in advance

John C


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