[DUG] Software and how to go forward

Jason Coley jason at software-solutions.co.nz
Thu Dec 3 11:26:52 NZDT 2015

Hi Wallace,

I’d personally go with a quick web app, MVC with a few basic pages. Its all fairly simple to do this and you could use a free Azure website if you wanted to (as long as it isn’t too busy) or if you already have a web presence somewhere tag into this. I would imagine the main collection of info into a db table, coding alone shouldn’t be much more than 10 hours of actual work, if you use things like c#, javascript, bootstrap and maybe knockout.

The payment side of things gets a little trickier, I assume this is all manual now so this could be a second stage to automate this process, but beware that most online systems will take on average 5% of your payments for their services. Paypal is an easy option if you wish to go with this type of online setup.

All in all not too bad if you have done some c# if not, might be best to get someone to help out just to get you started quickly.


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>To answer a few questions.
>The PDF is sometimes emailed and sometimes posted. 
>The problems we have with the current system.
>The details for the big event are now collated on a spread sheet. As 3 of us
>are working on the info, it's a headache.
>>From the data, we need to extract, T shirt orders, meals, race programs, and
>have they paid. Also a headache.
>We also need to balance the cheque banking and the direct deposits against the
>entrants and often the cheques and DD does have different names. Another
>It takes 3 of us probably 40 hrs each of volunteer time to put this all
>together and we still make mistakes. (It is broke) I would rather spend the
>120 hrs writing code to automate this.  
>So to be more specific. Yes a web page with SQL links and linked to some form
>of payment option would be an answer. The question is what web software and
>which vendor for payments would I use for the front end.   
>The back end - Programs, T shirts can all be done in Delphi. 
>Cheers Wallace. 
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