[DUG] Embedded Web Browser mystery

John Bird johnkbird at paradise.net.nz
Wed Apr 15 10:51:42 NZST 2015

XE7 – we have a real mystery going on with an Embedded Web Browser (3rd party variant of TWebBrowser with more properties and methods exposed).
Have an application where a web page calls a snippet of HTML and calls some script files in javascript and a particular response which does an Ajax call.
-Works fine in a proof of concept program
- Works fine in the IE browser
- does not work in the Embedded Web Browser on the main form where we want it to work – the javascript throws errors such as “Error: permission denied”  “undefined”
(all other parts of the javascript are working fine)
- the example proof of concept form linked into the same application as a separate form does work properly
- if I delete the original web browser component and copy the working one onto the main form it does not work.
- comparing the javascript that both the working and non-working web browser components get - they are identical   (using view source)
-Substituting the embedded web browser with the standard TWebBrowser produces the same problem (ie its not the embedded web browser that’s the issue)
The two embedded web browsers have as far as possible identical settings - As far as I can figure, there seems to be something else such as form properties or main for versus secondary form that is interfering with the behaviour of the embedded web browser.   Our guess is something is triggering the web browser to refuse to get the scripts – treating them as cross domain or some similar issue even though the same works elsewhere in the same program.
If its useful can post the javascript – its not complex.
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