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Does DUnitX have a GUI Runner yet ?
We evaluated it last year and at that stage it did not.

Removing reliance on OpenSSL may be a good thing ☺


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Installed Delphi XE8 over the weekend – main things I noticed are

DUnitX replaces DUnit (now deprecated as not updated for a good while)

Installer still takes a while but quite a lot seems faster
    -multi copy/paste buffer
    -Code metrics
CHM style help back (like Delphi 7) – looks very comprehensive (Goodbye to MS Document Explorer)
Native mobile controls OSX iOS Android for many controls (eg DateTime picker)
Multi device preview
SVN Git Mercurial source control, now includes merging and branching
GetIt package manager in IDE
Native http(s) libraries on Windows, OSX iOS, Android
iOS Android support for SQLite, InterBase ToGo and IBLite
FMX WebBrowser improvement on Windows OSX  (iOS Android?)

New - As of XE8 you will need to have active Update Subscription (maintenance, SA)
contract if you wish to receive any updates and/or hotfixes even for current version.

That makes purchasing Update Subscription almost mandatory.  (Marco Cantu)

Embarcadero looks to be moving to a subscription model (many comments approve of this).


Note - Subscription includes

  *   Updates and hot fixes for the current major release
  *   On-going Maintenance - Updates and hot fixes for up to two (2) years and three (3) major releases
  *   Early Beta access to hot fixes, updates, and upcoming releases
  *   All major upgrades (i.e. XE7 to XE8)
  *   Three (3) annual developer support incidents
  *   Exclusive bonus features, add-ons, and technical content
  *   Annually renewable at a fraction of a single upgrade cost (*)
* Typically 30% of new licence cost

John Bird

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