[DUG] Android Location Sensor demo

John Bird johnkbird at paradise.net.nz
Tue Dec 10 10:47:48 NZDT 2013

I am modifying the Mobile Location Demo, mainly hoping to turn of the occasional refreshing of the location information which I am presuming is controlled by the Trigger Distance and the Accuracy figures.  These default to zero, and the location display refreshes every few seconds, which is  a nuisance if one has gone into street view for instance.

I am hoping to change it to a manual refresh button, or otherwise use the trigger and accuracy values.

Does anyone know what the units  of these Distance and Accuracy properties is in?   The help, either local or online Wikis give no hint of the units that these figures are in.   I would like to assume meters, but being US it could be a guess.

John Bird
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