[DUG] HELP - XE3 and firebird

russell russell at belding.co.nz
Mon Nov 5 16:35:17 NZDT 2012

Hi Rohit
Same experience here some weeks ago. Was it the client dll was changed to an
interbase DLL?
Look in the places where you are required to tell the package what client
DLL you are using (gds32 or fbclient). 
I am guessing ... are you taking the default client dll and the XE3
interbase installation has changed it?


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I have installed XE3, it didnt give me a choice about installling
interbase.. so on it went.

Firebird stopped working.

removed interbase - no good
reboot - no good
reinstalled firebird - still no good

Any one has nay idea whats happening ?  The error is

ISC ERROR CODE:335544421

connection rejected by remote interface
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