[DUG] [offtopic] Unix creator Dennis Ritchie dies

Gary T. Benner gary at benner.co.nz
Fri Oct 14 08:40:50 NZDT 2011

Hi all,

Had to get this from the BBC ... local news is not hot on this stuff.


"Pioneering computer scientist Dennis Ritchie has died after a long illness.

Mr Ritchie was one of the creators of the hugely influential Unix operating system and the equally pioneering C programming language.

A vast number of modern technologies depend on the work he and fellow programmers did on Unix and C in the early days of the computer revolution.

Those paying respects said he was a "titan" of the industry whose influence was largely unknown."

In terms of ubiqity ths guy excels Mr Jobs & Mr Gates combined.

Have a great day.


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