[DUG] Windows 7 Network Oddity

Rohit Gupta rohit at cfl.co.nz
Thu Feb 17 09:22:17 NZDT 2011

I havent noticed it as I have always expanded the path to unc and beyond 
so that no matter what form they give me for the path,  it always 
evaluates to the same string.

Another thing that may effect you is that on 64 bit server using TS - 
constant crashes are being attributed to this issue.  And the workaround 
has been reported by other companies such as seagate - not to uses 
shared drives.  The error given is C0000006.

On 12/02/2011 12:20 a.m., John Bird wrote:
> ?I have software used on networks that commonly uses its shared folder
> server as a mapped drive,  eg   M:\MyFolder with M: mapped to
> \\Server1\MySoftware\
> If a program runs from there, started as M:\MyFolder\MyProgram.exe  , there
> is a difference between XP and Windows 7:
> XP   Application.exename   returns    M:\MyFolder\MyProgram.exe
> Windows 7   Application.exename   returns
> \\Server1\MySoftware\MyFolder\MyProgram.exe
> ie Windows 7 expands the mapped drive to its real UNC name rather than
> returning the mapped drive name, even though the program was run from a
> shortcut using the mapped drive name.
> Anyone know if this is a setting or preference that can be altered?   Or do
> I have to live with either being returned depending on Windows version?
> Others may wish to check if this has ramifications for them!
> John
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