[DUG] Indy TidTCPServer question

Kyley Harris Kyley at harrissoftware.com
Tue Feb 15 22:38:32 NZDT 2011

The WriteFile already breaks down any stream into small chuncks specified in
the objects properties.. about 8096.. and you can then use its OnWork event
to track progress etc..

Personally.. I tend to not rely on this feature and break down the file
myself so I have more fluid control over the process if it gets interrupted.
(this helps if I swap from indy to something else like synapse)

TCP/IP itself handles packet loss and is a lossless guarantee.. But it
doesn't resume if a connection is broken..any buffered information is lost.
FTP is about recording progress and recconenting to resume.. This is useful
if you are sending large files and you may need to write/manage this
yourself.. I'm not sure as I haven't looked to see if there are any
available indy FTP style objects.

On Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 10:29 PM, Ross Levis <ross at stationplaylist.com>wrote:

> I’m writing a idTCPClient & idTCPServer apps which as part of their
> functions will be to transfer some files.  I’m using idTCPServer.WriteFile()
> and idTCPClient.Read(Stream) for this purpose and it’s working well.
> My question is really based on a lack of understanding of TCP or how a
> plain idTCPServer handles data transfer.
> Should I be sending the file in small chunks and validating the data before
> sending the next chunk, or does idTCPServer do that for me.  I’m thinking of
> how an FTP server is implemented which I believe sends data in small pieces
> and awaits feedback after each piece, and I think resends a piece if there
> is a problem.
> Cheers.
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