[DUG] Delphi Starter Edition

David Brennan dugdavid at dbsolutions.co.nz
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Agreed. I remember well the various games I made on the ZX81 at school and
then (much more fun) on the Apple 2+ at home. Basic FTW!

Hugely different target market though and with the various graphical
programming type websites/tools which target younger budding developers it
could be a tall order to do much (potentially great if they can tho).


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Where Delphi (every edition) really fails these days is the poor
support for creating games.

You try to get a child/teen involved in programming, they don't want
to connect to a database and update contact details. They want to kill
(or eat or catch or drive) things.

Where is the "Delphi Starter - Gaming edition".

That's what is needed...

Over christmas I wrote a pacman clone for my nephew and put his image
on the pacman and had him add voice effects. It was a lot of fun.

When my daughter was about 8 I wrote a little maths game for her. It
would display simple problems (add, subtract, etc) and she'd have to
answer. Also included her voice in it ("Correct" and "You're Wrong" -
her favourite phrase at the time!). She played that game for several
years just answering the problems (there were levels of difficulty and
also a countdown version), high score list (a must have). Also did one
where the player is at the bottom of the screen with a large net and
would try to catch butterflies, also incorporating her likeness into
the character.
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