[DUG] Delphi Starter Edition

Jeremy North jeremy.north at gmail.com
Tue Feb 1 13:57:54 NZDT 2011

> In the grand scheme of things I don’t see the idea of a revenue limit a
> problem per se, but $1000 really isn’t very much and by no means establishes
> an “ability to pay” for Professional licenses on an on-going basis.  What if
> I “earn” $1000 in the first 6 months from a flood of donations from
> interested users etc.  I am compelled to shell out $800 to remain within the
> terms of my license.  But then the donations dry up after that, reducing to
> perhaps $500-$800 over the next 12 months?

Last time I checked, a PRO (or any paid for license from embarcadero)
license doesn't expire.

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