[DUG] Delphi Starter Edition

Paul Heinz paul at accredo.co.nz
Tue Feb 1 13:31:11 NZDT 2011

Jolyon wrote: 

> But it's a "revenue" limit, not profit, with no allowance for 
> any the costs that even a hobbyist or open source developer 
> might incur.  e.g. if someone makes software available for 
> download they will most likely incur traffic costs for the 
> downloads.  With a "donation" scheme in place, the donations 
> may not even cover the traffic costs, but as soon as those 
> donations hit $1000, they are in violation of their license 
> terms, even tho they still aren't actually making any money 
> from their Delphi use.
> This is what I mean by it being ridiculously low.
> If it was $1000 *profit* then it would be different.

Whilst there might be an argument that $1000 is a bit low, I think
Revenue is perfectly understandable since it's easy to audit and profit
is WAY too easy to game. You get into arguments about which expenses are

Hollywood or record label accounting, anyone ;-)


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