[DUG] Backup software

John Bird johnkbird at paradise.net.nz
Sat Dec 10 10:36:06 NZDT 2011

For complete disk backups:

I use Drive Snapshot  - have used it for 6-7 years and it has saved my hide several times.   Complete backup of a PC with 200GB data including Windows runs in about 2 hours.    Backup size on USB disk is around 100GB.  Backups can be mounted and Windows Explorer used to browse for individual files.   Cheap, fast, small and reliable.


Note the web site doesn’t make this clear, but it is easy to restore C: from Windows too – it offers to restart and run the restore before windows boots – similar to Windows Update etc

Some time ago the best one in the reviews was Acronis disk backup.   otherwise Norton Ghost.

Key folders Backup

If you want to quickly backup a few key folders to a USB drive zipped up then I have one: - wrote just such a program at the request of Christchurch clients who couldn’t get at their server for 6 weeks (they had tapes but no server with the tape drive and software and the network supplier also was locked out of their office).  Takes from a few seconds to a minute or two depending on size of folders  .   Program contains  ZipKit so there are no external DLL’s and its nearly as fast as Pkzip/Winzip.


John Bird
Can anybody recommend a good backup system, just for backing up to an external Hdrive?

I downloaded a trial version of "Nero BackItUp" but appears poor in UI, slow as a dog and poor setup options.




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