[DUG] Rave Reports

Trevor trevorj at ihug.co.nz
Mon Dec 1 17:23:38 NZDT 2008


  Since you've mentioned it, I'll jump in and vote for FastReports.


  I looked at both Rave and FastReports a couple of years back, and after
finding that Rave WOULDN'T really do what I wanted it to do, went with
FastReports instead.  It supports rather good export to PDF and Excel,
handles master-detail-detail-detail very easily, and has a 'LIVE' report
preview with an outline capability.


  There are lots of other cool things in FR including Report inheritance,
virtual report datasets, nested reports, and the ability to do things like
print 'continued..' in a group header when it is reprinted on a new page.





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Thanks Max.
Guess I have a few days of investigation ahead of me.
I am now not just thinking of Rave, but also ReportBuilder (upgrading to the
latest) and FastReports.
I have heard FastReports is meant to be res. good.



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