[DUG] Usage - initialization and finalization

Kyley Harris kyley at harrissoftware.com
Mon May 22 16:12:25 NZST 2006

There is no such thing as a circular reference in Delphi. IE. The
compiler will come up with a compiler error. 

What you are referring to is where one unit references another in this

Unit UnitA

  Uses UnitB

Unit UnitB


Initialization and finalization are part of the private implementation
of a unit. Not a public part of a unit. No code in unitA interface has
any relevance to an initialization, because there is no executing
UnitB is clearly saying that its executing portion requires information
from UnitA. Initializations must execute in dependency order.

So. What do you think the order will be?

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> Finalization is determinate, otherwise your program would blow-up.
> As I just mentioned in my last email. Initializations and 
> finalizations
> are dependency based. 

And what exactly is the rule of order when circular unit references


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