[DUG] Why InterBase

Todd Martin toddm at kol.co.nz
Thu Jun 1 10:39:41 NZST 2006

So what's the difference between the MSSQL approach and submitting an SQL 
query on any database with the same conditions?
Are you defining a table for each class in your class heirarchy?

On Wed, 31 May 2006 18:55, Kyley Harris wrote:
> In MSSQL you can return
> different rowed data based on conditions. When using the database to
> store classed data with polymorphing this is great. It means that When I
> ask for a TClient from a stored procedure passing it a primary key, it
> can work out if the key is for a TClient, or a TBetterClient, and return
> the correct result set to be processed. IB/FB cant do that, which makes
> for more overhead. I've always found writing server side in IB a pain in
> the ass.

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