[DUG] Why InterBase

Alan Rose Alan at seabed.co.nz
Thu Jun 1 10:21:11 NZST 2006

I would say MSQL and Oracle are ideal for organisations who deal with
very large volumes, run mutli-processes constantly and have an IT team
to support it (typically a DBA present). They make use of the many
features that come with these heavy weights and would use complex joins
etc a lot. E.g. Telecom and typically large organisations in heavy
populated countries like US. 

IB or FB is a great choice for the next layer. i.e. small to big
business. Ideal for most businesses typically found in New Zealand.
Ideal for those without a DBA or simply just don't need the extra
functionality as found in Oracle or MSSQL. I reckon If you design your
tables right you should be able to avoid the need for complex joins
anyway. This is where experience helps with forward planning. J  

As for single user well take your pick. Don't go over the top. MS Access
etc are fine.
With client side caching you could even handle 1 to 3 users. If you know
your stuff.

As for reliability a lot of it comes down to the programmer. Keep it
simple. Know your database limitations, avoid data-aware controls (i.e.
use client side caching, download only data that you need for
performance). A good design will avoid db corruption when power lost
etc. Make sure your clients understand the importance of backups and you
should be able to sleep comfortably at night. I know I do.  

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